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About Professional Development

UNH offers a variety of professional development opportunities to enhance settlement house staff skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Emerging Leaders

Since 2005, UNH has partnered with top educational institutions to engage key staff in the highest level of management training. Currently, UNH partners with The City University of New York’s (CUNY) Austin W. Marxe School of International and Public Affairs to help UNH member organization managerial staff strengthen their leadership skills and develop new management tools.

Through this program, staff nominated by their settlement house participate in sessions on Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Team Building, Fundraising, Outcomes Management, Leadership & Supervision. The course culminates in a certificate in nonprofit agency leadership endorsed by CUNY.

Building on UNH’s core practice of convening cohorts of peers, Emerging Leaders Alumni participate in mini-workshop/coaching sessions led by settlement house executives, senior leaders, and UNH staff regularly following graduation.

EMM Scholarship

UNH has supported settlement house staff with scholarships for higher education since the early 1990s. Applicants pursuing a college degree or certificate are eligible for tuition assistance.

The Emily Menlo Marks Scholarship Program provides $500 scholarships to UNH member organization employees who have demonstrated skill, leadership, contributions to their settlement house and community, commitment, and likelihood to remain an active and dynamic contributor in the organization. The Scholarship Program is designed to develop skills and build on employee potential and dedication.

The scholarship is named for UNH's former Executive Director, Emily Menlo Marks in honor of the extraordinary contributions she made to social justice and community building in New York City over the course of her 14-year career as UNH Executive Director. The scholarship was developed to ensure that there is a next generation of leaders within UNH member organizations equipped to carry on her tradition of exceptional leadership and vision, in working on behalf of New York City’s Settlement House community and all disadvantaged New Yorkers.

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