Youth Development

We believe that NYC’s youth should reach for their potential to be a force for positive change in their communities. UNH advocates for comprehensive after-school, summer, and youth employment programs to provide safe, positive, and educational opportunities for youth.

UNH is a leading voice in the advocating for services for New York City’s youth. These programs support youth in the different stages of their development and growth.

After-school programs support children’s education and give outlets for creativity. Youth employment help young people as they transition into their careers. Other programs are designed to support young people that have been failed by traditional education systems.

Current Policy Agenda

City Level

After-School and Summer Programs

These programs offer youth the opportunity to learn, socialize, and stay on track towards academic success. They are also a core support for working parents who need a safe, positive and educational space for their children for more hours than the school day provides.

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

By providing work opportunities for young people, SYEP teaches them responsibility and needed life skills, gives them a paycheck, and keeps them positively engaged during the summer. SYEP also supports the community-based organizations—frequently the place where program participants end up working—by providing support for programs such as summer camps and senior centers.

Learning to Work Programs

Learning to Work Programs ensure that young people returning to school after facing obstacles to graduation such as homelessness, drug or chemical dependency, involvement in the criminal justice system, or domestic violence, have the support they need to graduate high school and develop a realistic post-secondary plan for college or career.

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