Non-Profit Contracting

UNH advocates to improve the way government contracts with non-profit human service providers by ensuring full funding for all contracted services, on time contract registration, and salary parity.

Key issues include the process by which government funds pays adequate wages, appropriate rents, reimbursement for indirect costs, and ongoing maintenance and facility repairs.

To support better non-profit contracting, UNH focuses on:


UNH advocates for funding for adequate wages and salary parity Contract budgets must keep pace with minimum wage increases, higher exempt employee salary levels, and cost of living increases to retain a qualified workforce.

Cash Flow

In NYC nearly 90% of government human services contracts are registered late. Because government cannot begin to pay providers until a contract is registered, providers start services and pay employees for months without funding . UNH is working to hold government accountable and responsible for on-time contract registration and payment to avoid providers from needing to access lines of credit or taking out (expensive) loans to operate.


Government contracts do not fund capital infrastructure, maintenance and repairs.. Relying on the quality of their space to run programs, providers are forced to raise money to repair windows, fix leaks, and maintain HVAC systems . UNH advocates for funding to improve community space.


Without reasonable reimbursements, nonprofit human service organizations must evaluate how every contract and funding stream will affect their ability to run programs without a risk to their fiscal stability and current operations.. UNH advocates for procurement reforms to protect the interest of providers who are dedicated to serving their communities.

Current Policy Agenda

City Level

Contract Registration

UNH is advocating to clear the backlog of human services contracts awaiting registration and establish a transparent process for tracking contract actions.

Rate Setting

UNH urges all procurements to include a model budget so providers can accurately assess the feasibility and level of risk in bidding for contracts.

State & City Level

Home Care Employee Compensation

UNH advocates for the State to immediately reimbursement home care providers for any additional financial burden that results from court rulings on 13-hour versus 24-hour home care employee compensation.

Indirect Costs

UNH advocates for to ensure all future procurements are stabilized and fully funded by including an across-the-board indirect rate of at least 15% for all State human service contracts to cover the true costs of services and promote organizational stability. Additionally, UNH aims to ensure the City fulfills its commitment for a 10% indirect rate for all non-profit contractors and make investments to fund an indirect rate up to 15% where necessary.

Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program

UNH advocates to re-establish and baseline $100m to address unmet demand for capital improvements at state-contracted nonprofit program sites..

Nonprofit Wages

UNH advocates for all State contracts with human services providers to cover the costs associated with the scheduled minimum wage increase to $15/hour and fund the new state overtime exemption rules

Policy & Advocacy Work

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