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Goddard Riverside Community Center


Early Childhood

Assistant Cook (ECE, Full Time)

Floating Lead Teacher (ECE, Full Time)

Head Cook (ECE, Full Time)

Uncertified Floating Lead (ECE, Full Time)

Youth Services/Young Adults

Academic Instructor (Education Workforce, Full Time)

Academic Instructor (Education Workforce, Full Time)

Activity Specialist (Lincoln Square, Part Time)

Employment Specialist (Education Workforce, Full Time)

Participant Support Specialist (Education Workforce, Full Time)

Senior Services

Aging Services Bus Transporter(Part Time)

Community Concierge (Full Time)

Mental Health Support

Clubhouse Generalist (TOP, Per Diem)

Clubhouse Generalist (TOP, Full Time)


Case Manager (Capitol Hall, Full Time)

Case Manager (Senate, Full Time)

Senior Housing Outreach Specialist (Downtown, Full Time)

Housing Specialist (Baxter, Full Time)


Assistant Director- Young Black Male Grassroots Consortium Initiative (Options Center, Full Time)

Program Director (Baxter, Full Time)

Social Services Supervisor (Clinical Manager) (LSNC Senior, Full Time)

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