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CO - Project Director

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Salary Info:

COMPENSATION: $50,000 - $56,000.


The East New York Farms! Project (ENYF) is a diverse gardeners, vendors, farmers, and youth working together to strengthen our community through gardens, fresh food, farmers markets, and community leadership development. ENYF is a program of the United Community Centers Inc (UCC). The mission of ENYF is to organize youth and adults to advance food justice in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn by promoting local sustainable agriculture and community-led development.

We are seeking a Co- Project Director who will be responsible for leading the urban agricultural aspect of our work and to further the mission of food justice work in East New York. This individual will work in a shared partnership role with the current Co-Project Director. Both directors will work closely together to ensure the sustainment of ENYF and further the project’s mission and reach in ENY.

Roles and responsibilities will include:

Internal leadership 35%

  •  Coordinate, support, and supervise efforts of three two-time staff members and three part-􀆟me staff members:
  • UCC Youth Farm Manager
  • Pink Houses Farm Manager
  • Compost Program Manager
  • Garden Educator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Create systems to increase the impact and efficiency of our work
  • Partner with staff to develop and implement ways to evaluate our work, and adjust and expand programs as necessary
  • Work with staff to set priorities for their work and for overall program development
  • Coordinate ENYF programming with ENYF! Community Engagement Director, UCC’s Executive Director and Development Director

Co-lead: Community and External leadership 20%

  • Coordinate communication to members and supporters
  • Plan annual community events for our members and neighbors along with the ENYF! Community
  • Engagement Director
  • Pursue relevant opportunities to partner with local, regional, and national organizations and networks

Co-lead: Raising and Managing Funds 30%

  • Create annual fundraising plan, including researching appropriate funding sources
  • Raise funds by wrong grants and building relationships with funders and donors, in conjunction with UCC’s
  • Development Associate
  • Maintain relationships with funders and donors, including submitting narrative and financial reports
  • Create program budgets and track spending

Youth Internship Program 15%

  • Our youth program is a well-established part of our work, and the Project Director will join four other staff members (including a Youth Program Director) in carrying out the program
  • Assist with designing and leading lessons to build skills and help youth understand the social context of their work ENYF! Community Engagement Director
  • Participate in regular feedback and evaluation of youth interns

Desired skills and experiences (please review carefully before applying):

  • At least 3 years’ experience in a management position – including supervising and supporting full-time adult staff
  • Experience facilitating group discussions and group decision-making
  • Demonstrated commitment to participatory development in marginalized communities
  • Experience in youth leadership development
  • Comfortable with public speaking and representing ENYF at public events
  • Strong writing skills, particularly for developing grant proposals
  • Computer savvy
  • Able to work in a physically demanding environment (working outside in all kinds of weather, lifting heavy things)
  • Able to work weekends (work week is Tuesday – Saturday from March – November, and Monday – Friday from December - February) and occasional evenings
  • Able to work a schedule that varies with the seasons, with longer hours from Spring to Fall (especially during July and August) and a lighter workload in the winter
  • Familiarity with East New York

Desired qualities:

  • Committed to justice and equality
  • Committed to openness, transparency, and fairness
  • Polite, humble, and willing to learn
  • Respectful of all people, cultures, and backgrounds
  • Able to communicate well with diverse members and partners, including teenagers, seniors, and funders
  • Well-organized
  • Focused and able to prioritize
  • Able to multitask
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to find quick solutions
  • Willing to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Able to think strategically and engage in hands-on implementation of programs


  • Simple IRA saving plan
  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Paid Time Off

How to Apply:

STEP 1: TELL US ABOUT YOU! Email us a short video introducing yourself to our team. Send your cover letter and resume into one PDF file and email to with “CO - Project Director” in the subject line. Once your submission is received ENYF staff will review your cover letter, resume, and video. We will follow up with the next steps. Video Questions:

  • Name, Preferred Pronouns
  • Why are you interested in joining our project?
  • How did you become interested in food justice?
  • What interests you about this position specifically?
  • What do you think are some of your strengths and weaknesses related to managing a diverse staff? How were you able to navigate these challenges?

STEP 2: MEET THE TEAM - We will invite selected participants for an interview conducted by members on the ENYF Team.

STEP 3: MEET THE Y OUTH I NTERNS - We will invite selected applicants to join us for an in-person interview conducted by youth interns and ENYF staff.

STEP 4: WELCOME TO THE TEAM! We seek to have the Co- Project Director position filled by January 2023.

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