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Founded in 1919 and rooted in the history and values of the settlement house movement, UNH has helped improve the lives of New Yorkers in need and the communities in which they live for over a century.

Settlement houses have been evolving for more than a century to address the changing needs of marginalized populations, combat poverty and discrimination, and empower communities to use their strengths to improve individual, family, and neighborhood life.

And for almost 100 years, UNH has been proud to support them by helping innovative programs come to life, customizing professional development, and advocating at all levels of government for policies and funding that strengthen our members’ ability to meet the needs of their communities.

Today, our membership comprises one of the largest human service systems in New York City, with 45 settlement houses working at nearly 680 sites to provide services and activities to more than 765,000 New Yorkers each year.

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