Associate Board

The UNH Associate Board is a growing group of young professionals who are passionate about UNH’s mission to keep New York’s neighborhoods resilient and thriving.

The Associate Board actively engages with both UNH staff and board members as advocates, fundraisers, and advisors for UNH. This leadership role provides professional, social, and volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in developing their networks and skills. Some benefits and opportunities include leadership training, hands on advocacy, volunteer, and community engagement, events, and networking with other civic-minded young professionals.

Current Associate Board Members:

Terecille Basa-Ong
Ravesa Bajo
Amanda Ebokosia
Brian Fallon
Jamie Goldberg
Jaclyn Green-Stock
Olivia Jaffe
Bryan Kress
Ali Margolies
Lorenzo Mendez
Mia Riafi
Matthew Roth
Matthew Saum
Stephanie Veras
Christine Zeng

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