In 2009, over half of the country’s elderly population were concentrated in just 11 states. (City Hall News)

Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House


The mission of Jacob A. Riis Settlement House is to build and strengthen the underserved communities of Western Queens and act as a catalyst for change. Riis Settlement is a community-based non-profit organization that offers comprehensive services to the youth, adults, seniors, and families of Queensbridge, Ravenswood and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Membership Standards / How to Become a Member

UNH is one of the few membership organizations in the NYC human services sector to have standards for new and continued membership. Teams of UNH Board members, member Executive Directors and UNH staff conduct regular assessments against these standards.

The standards were developed by the Executive Directors of member agencies in consultation with the UNH Board of Directors. The membership standards delineate the characteristics of organizations eligible for UNH membership and establish basic criteria for sound governance and management. UNH's new members must meet these criteria and reviews are conducted individually for all members every five years to assure that standards are being met and to identify areas where members may need UNH support.

In addition to assessing first-time and continued membership, the reviews help UNH develop strategies for capacity building activities that respond to members' needs.

Access UNH's Member Standards Instrument here.

For further information on UNH's membership review process, contact Ken Walters, Director of Member Services.

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