There are 3.4 million people over 65 in New York State. (City Hall News)

Project Hospitality

Staten Island

Project Hospitality, a private not-for-profit organization based in Staten Island, New York, provides comprehensive services for hungry and homeless and inadequately housed people, especially those who are living with multiple diagnoses such as HIV, substance use, and/or mental illness.

Financial Management Services

UNH works in partnership with colleague organizations including the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), Financial Management Associates (FMA) and Community Resource Exchange (CRE) to help UNH members with strategic decision-making and financial management and to make resources available to pay for this assistance.

Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) Program Profitability Modeling (PPM) helps organizations understand the revenue and expense dynamics of each major program and determine which programs are operating at a “profit” or “loss”.

NFF helps settlement houses to:

Financial Management Associates (FMA) has offered a number of services to UNH members to examine the fiscal strength of an organization. These programs have included FMA Institute which provides in-person classes and webinars for nonprofit staff to help them manage their financial resources as well as free group and individualized fiscal systems analysis for CFO’s and Executive Directors.

Institute courses include such topics as:

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