Two of every five New Yorkers, and nearly 50% of households with children, can't buy fresh, affordable food close to home. (New York Community Experience Partnership)

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center


Founded in 1974, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center is a multi-service center serving 7,000 North West Bronx families and individuals. Some newer programs include Early Head Start and the North Bronx Youth Collaborative.


UNH partners with Family-Linc, an initiative from Lincoln Center to help connect New Yorkers without access to the arts with the world-class performances at Lincoln Center. Families participating receive $10 orchestra-level tickets to two shows at Lincoln Center, an introductory workshop in their borough, special tours and talks at Lincoln Center, invitations to parties for Family-Linc participants, VIP access to the Out of Doors Festival, and free membership to the LC Kids program.

Currently, member organizations that have participated are:

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center
United Community Daycare Center
Hartley House
Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood SettlementHouse
Shorefront YM-YWHA of Brighton-Manhattan Beach
Goddard Riverside Community Center

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