Brooklyn and Queens have the largest senior populations of the five boroughs, each with about 282,000 seniors. (NYC Office of the Public Advocate)

Grand St. Settlement


Grand St. Settlement is a multi-service center with programs ranging from child care and Head Start services for young children, to meals and social services for senior citizens, with a strong focus on educational and employment services designed to promote independence.

Campaign for Tomorrow's Workforce: Helping Disconnected Youth

Campaign for Tomorrow's WorkforceIn New York City, an estimated 170,000 to 200,000 young adults between the ages of ages 16 and 24 are neither in school nor in the workforce. To address the critical issue of this growing population of "disconnected" youth, UNH is collaborating with the Neighborhood Family Services Coalition (NFSC), and the Community Service Society (CSS), in an important advocacy effort entitled the Campaign for Tomorrow's Workforce (CTW).

The goal of the CTW is to advance new public policy and generate support for the increased investment needed to build and sustain a coordinated, high-quality, at-scale system of programs and services to prepare New York City's young adults to succeed in the workforce. Addressing the needs of this population is crucial to the economic future of the City and the health of communities across the City.

Please visit the CTW website for more information, or contact Kevin Douglas, UNH Co-Director of Policy and Advocacy. 

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