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Grand St. Settlement


Grand St. Settlement is a multi-service center with programs ranging from child care and Head Start services for young children, to meals and social services for senior citizens, with a strong focus on educational and employment services designed to promote independence.


By the end of middle school, Dauris knew something had to change. He could feel himself being influenced by his friends, and he realized he didn’t want to be like them.

Dauris took action by applying to different high schools than his friends. He looked at the new school as a new start, but fell back into old habits when the school was phased out in his sophomore year. Finally, something changed- he found UNH member agency Hudson Guild.

At Hudson Guild, Dauris began volunteering, received SAT test preparation courses, and got help from his settlement house counselor to apply to college. He started an internship assisting sixth-grade students with their homework. That experience led him to become a peer mentor, then peer leader, and eventually a Youth Worker with Hudson Guild’s Naturally Occurring Retirement Community program.

In his application, Dauris said, “The clients I often run errands for are home bound, so it means the world to me when they say thank you.”

He is now attending the College of Staten Island, part of CUNY.

Dauris said he started out “just trying to find something interesting to do after school.” Now, “Hudson Guild has become part of me and I have become part of it.”