Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

Paul Balser

I already make an annual gift to UNH and have for many years, but it is also important to me to make sure that UNH has support into the future. So, in addition to providing for my wife Paula, my children, and grandchildren through my will, I have included a specific donation to UNH, which I consider part of my family. How could I not? My mother’s work at UNH member Hudson Guild is the reason I’m involved with UNH and I want to pass on that legacy through future generations. But I wanted to do even more for UNH, and I’m always looking at ways to maximize my charitable gifts. I found a good one that will both take care of my family and also the charitable organizations I care about.

What is it? A charitable remainder trust.

It’s simple, really. I had some highly appreciated securities (works with appreciated assets too) on which I would have paid substantial capital gains taxes had I cashed them in. Instead, I completely avoided the capital gains taxes by putting the money from the securities directly into a trust, which will make annual payments to four of my grandkids. These payments will be made for 20 years and at the end of the payout period, the remaining amount will go to UNH and two other nonprofits I choose to support. In addition to avoiding the capital gains taxes, I also get a tax deduction for the charitable gift now, so how could I turn down such an opportunity? The best part about this way of giving is that it allows me to make a larger gift to UNH than I would have been able to do just through my will. I have a large family to provide for, but I also want to make sure that UNH is doing its job helping New Yorkers in need far into the future. And, I am happy to say that I am doing just that.

Paul Balser has been a UNH Board member for 19 years. He is the head of partner equity firm Ironwood Partners, LLC.

To learn more about planned giving and joining the UNH Founders Society, contact Jessica Ziegler at 212-967-0322 x322 or