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About United Community Centers (UCC)

UCC is a social justice driven, multiservice community-based organization in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn for over 60 years. Our mission is to work together with residents of all ages and cultures to address our community’s challenges, celebrate its strengths, and provide services that improve lives. We have organized and advocated for child care, environmental justice, reproductive justice, immigration, transportation, affordable housing, and food justice.

Our current programs are: a year-round/full-day early childhood education program for 114 children 2-4 years old; immigration assistance and ESOL classes; East New York Farms! — an urban agriculture and food justice program that includes an intensive paid youth internship for 35 community youth; and Protecting the East, a community sexual health and HIV prevention program that provides a paid peer education internship opportunity for up to 12 youth annually.



The Early Education Group Teacher is responsible for the academic, social-emotional growth and development of all children in their care, which may include toddlers and/or preschool age children; develops partnerships with birth parents/child’s caregivers to engage and encourage parent participation in all UCC programs. Group Teacher is also responsible for assuring compliance with codes of all State and local governing contracting agencies; and works collegially with other staff members of UCC.


  • At least a Bachelor's degree and a New York State Teacher certification Birth - 2nd grades.
  • Two years of experience working with children


Under the supervision of the Early Education Program Director the Group Teacher will:

• Develops weekly plans and implements age appropriate curriculum (lesson plan) to nurture and stimulate all domains of children’s development in their care.

• Provides a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that reflects the children’s learning and growth.

• Perform on-going developmental evaluations of children as required by funding sources and develop lesson plans and follow curriculum implementation that addresses the individual needs of each child.

• Provide responsive care to all children by adapting daily care giving routines and plans to the interests and needs of the individual child and the group.

• Demonstrate cultural competency and respect for the child's background by incorporating the cultural, linguistic and familial values and beliefs into the childcare program and lesson plans.

• Exchange information and serve as a member of a multi-disciplinary intervention/prevention team.

• Maintain ongoing, open communication with parents/ caregivers.

• Ensure that each family receives an opportunity to build strong relationships and experience clear communication with teaching staff.

• Plan periodical parent conferences to discuss children's developmental progress, needs and interests.

• Assist families with children's transitions from toddler to preschool and from preschool to kindergarten.

• Completes daily health checks regarding hygiene, safety, and overall well -being of the children.

• Completes DRDP and ITERS/ ECERS with classroom team – assistant teacher and teacher aide.

• Assures a healthy, safe, clean and developmentally appropriate environment for children.

• Conducts supervision on a weekly basis with assistant teacher and teacher aide. 

• Ensures that classroom team are kept updated in all matters concerning the classroom and program, i.e. meetings, lesson plans, policies & procedures, training received.

• Provides functional training and guidance to staff and substitutes assigned to the classroom.

• Reports all staffing and classroom concerns to supervisor in a timely manner.

• Reports family changes in schedules and excessive absences to administration in a timely manner.

• Person filling this position may occasionally be required to carry out or assist with other tasks in addition to the duties listed on this job description and being flexible and willing to cooperate with staff, parents and community members

• Staff must believe in and act in accordance with both the Agency's and the program's mission statements.

Salary Information

Based upon current DC1707 union negotiated salary/benefit package.

To Apply

Please send resume to Yvette Sanchez, Early Education Associate Director, ysanchez@ucceny.org or mail to United Community Centers, 613 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207.

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