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OVERVIEW: The Adult Literacy Program provides ESOL and Technology classes to immigrant adults in New York City. University Settlement provides a comprehensive network of services to over 10,000 people of all ages lining in the Lower East Side. Its broad network of activities includes adult literacy classes, mental health counseling and intensive case management; group and family day care; support services to the formerly homeless; after-school and summer camp for children and teens; a senior center and a credit union.



·       Develop students individual education plans with students

·       Help students with referrals to other training programs and other education programs

·       Work with teachers and other staff to ensure that students goals are met

·       Do follow-up and outreach to help students be successful

·       Attend 12 -15 professional development hours as required by the program

·       Track progress of student achievement

·       Monitor and teach  ESOL/Technology classes

·       Do assessments and tests as required by the program

·       Maintain attendance and performance records for students



·       B.A. Degree in TESOL, English or certificate  a plus

·       Best Plus Certified

·       Three years experience in teaching ESOL

Contact: Submit cover letter and resume to: US&source=CC2

Salary Information

Hours: P/T 8 hours per week, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am-1:30pm
Must be able to attend 2-day orientation 8/28/17 and 8/29/17 (6 hours total) Bi-weekly 1hr. meeting. Must teach classes from September through June
Salary: $30 per hour

To Apply

Submit cover letter and resume to: US&source=CC2

University Settlement is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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