The share of youth aged 16-24 employed during the summer month of July in 2010 was 48.9%, the lowest rate for a summer month since 1948. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

2016 Spring Appeal

Summer camp is incredibly important for children. Research shows that when kids from low-income families don’t have access to summer programs, they experience educational and nutritional setbacks at a significantly greater rate than higher income kids, widening the achievement gap and sealing the fate of low-income children.

In NYC, 31,000 children were at risk this year. The United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) network of 37 Settlement Houses provides summer camp to 50,000 children. UNH makes sure funding for these camps is available. Unfortunately, in Mayor de Blasio’s budget announcement earlier this year, summer camps were cut for 31,000 children, which would be devastating for families all over the City. Thanks in part to call-in campaigns, rallies at City  Hall, and educating elected officials, summer camp was reinstated for 26,000 children.

Your support was crucial. Thanks to your donations, this year's Spring Appeal was the most successful to date, raising $84,000! We extend a special thank you to EmblemHealth and The Herrick Theatre Foundation for their generous support. We know summer camp may be at risk in the future, and we are grateful we will be able to continue to bring together parents, children, organization staff and people like you to rally at City Hall, organize call-ins and e-action days, and write letters to our elected leaders to support summer camp next year and beyond.

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