Blueprint for Neighborhoods

In 2013, UNH outlined a set of policy recommendations to inform the short-term priorities and long-range thinking of incoming City leaders in the first years of the next Administration.

The Blueprint for Neighborhoods highlighted what our communities feel would make the greatest difference in their lives  and outlined a path toward realizing a broader vision for a more equitable city that leverages the critical role of neighborhood-based organizations.

Blueprint for Neighborhoods covers policies spanning:

Early Childhood Education and After School * Quality Public Schools * Adult Education and Workforce Development *Health and Mental Health * Services for Older Adults 
Affordable Housing and Preventing Homelessness
Immigrant Integration * Safety for All* Access to Affordable, Healthy Food

Click here to download the Blueprint for Neighbohoods!
For just the policy recommendations, access the Executive Summary here. 

About the Community Visioning Sessions

The policies outlined in the Blueprint for Neighborhoods were informed by community visioning  sessions conducted by United Neighborhood Houses in neighborhoods across the city. Special thanks to UNH member agencies and residents from these neighborhoods for offering invaluable insights to their neighborhoods:

Goddard Riverside Community Center in the Upper West Side 
New Settlement Apartments in South Bronx 
Grand Street Settlement in the Lower East Side 
Queens Community House in Queens community
United Community Centers in East Brooklyn 

For more pictures from these community visioning sessions, visit our album here