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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

New Work Around Neighborhood Affordability

UNH has hired a new Policy Analyst to expand our efforts to promote and preserve neighborhood affordability. The cost of living in New York City has grown out of reach for too many people. Increasing gentrification and a yawning income gap threatening the fabric of our communities, and our members have seen their neighborhoods changing swiftly. We have hired a new Policy Analyst who will focus on educating our network about the processes that lead to gentrification and skyrocketing rents, and developing a platform that ties together economic and workforce development and affordable housing. From emphasizing the importance of settlement houses partnering with NYCHA to exploring ways land use can benefit low-income New Yorkers, our holistic approach will take aim at some of the root causes of displacement. Check out the first education tool developed as part of this new portfolio of work, which details the New York City Rezoning process and identifies opportunities for engaging and affecting that process to help our members ensure their constituents are represented in the City’s plans.

Welcoming New UNH Members

Membership in UNH is considered for organizations that demonstrate commitment to the settlement house model, which means they are embedded in their community, serve multiple generations, offer a variety of programs, and focus on community building and reciprocity. These new members are committed to actively participating in, benefiting from, and contributing to UNH’s advocacy efforts, customized professional development and peer learning opportunities, and technical assistance support. This increased membership allows us to expand our reach – UNH members now touch the lives of more than 765,000 New Yorkers of all ages. We are thrilled to have these three vital and important community-based organizations join the UNH family, which is enriched by their staff and communities.

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