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United Neighborhood Houses Says No to a Constitutional Convention

Thursday, November 02, 2017

UNH urges New Yorkers to oppose the constitutional convention and vote no on Proposal 1 on the back of the ballot on November 7. A New York State constitutional convention opens the door for delegates to  amend or rewrite any provision they choose, which puts every part of the constitution in jeopardy, including those that protect the most at-risk New Yorkers.

New York’s constitution is unique in that it carries stronger social welfare protections for low-income New Yorkers than the U.S. Constitution.

At a time when immigrants are increasingly disenfranchised on the federal level, the New York State Constitution’s protections which bar withholding services due to citizenship status are vital.

As the federal government puts forth proposals to cut funding for health care, hunger relief, homeless shelters, and other social services, we must protect our state constitution’s mandate that New York serve these vulnerable populations.

We cannot allow these provisions to be put at risk. It is the role of all New Yorkers to protect our neighbors. As New Yorkers and as human services advocates, we’re voting no.