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Lenox Hill Neighborhood House


Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, widely recognized as one of New York’s premier nonprofit organizations, is a 117-year-old settlement house that provides an extensive array of effective and integrated human services—social, educational, legal, health, housing, mental health, nutritional and fitness—which significantly improve the lives of 20,000 people in need each year, ages 3 to 103, on the East Side of Manhattan.

Participant Spotlight

Meet Rafaela. Rafaela plans trips for her peers at Sunnyside Center for Active Older Adults. She's taken groups to candy stores, Chinatown, museums, parks, restaurants and more. “You don’t feel like you’re old here,” said Rafaela, who at 68 jokes about being one of the “junior seniors” at the center. “Especially Thursdays — forget about that! It’s packed with people dancing.”  Read more

Meet Renee. As an employment manager for the Transitional and Supportive housing unit at Henry Street Settlement, Renee Best works her hardest to ensure that her clients—consisting of the men and women of the Urban Family Center—leave her office with a good job and adequate housing. But first, Renee must help her clients get on the road to success.   Read more

Meet Rina. After retirement, she dedicated her time to developing NORCs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities) in her Upper West Side neighborhood. UNH member Goddard Riverside Community Center provides supportive services to these NORCS, where seniors are able to socialize, exercise, talk to social workers, and get regular check-ups through a nurse who visits twice a week.   Read more

Meet Yoke Kuan. She is an immigrant from Malaysia who uses Educational Alliance's child care program so her children can learn and socialize while she works part-time and learns English.   Read more