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BronxWorks, an organization that provides services to all age groups from infants to senior citizens, supports the mission of helping individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being. BronxWorks has twenty-eight locations in the South Bronx and serves over 37,500 borough residents annually.

Participant Spotlight

Meet Helen. Helen is a volunteer who has dedicated her energy to developing libraries at settlement houses - specifically, five at Queens Community House locations. Thanks to her, books are well-organized so they can be better appreciated by those of all ages!   Read more

Meet Joel. He emigrated to New York from Panama, and just three and a half years ago, spoke no English. Through UNH Member Queens Community House's English for Speakers of Other Lanuages School, he excelled in his study of the language. Now, he works with QCH's Communtiy Action Group, using his new language skills to spread awareness of issues that affect the community.   Read more

Maria, an undocumented immigrant, volunteers with Queens Community House paralegal Carmen Gutierrez, helping other immigrants get their applications approved even while she waits for her own. For Maria, Queens Community House has been invaluableā€”as a classroom, a legal resource, and perhaps most importantly, a community.   Read more

Meet Mariah. As a teenager in the Lower East Side, she uses the after-school program at Educational Alliance to do homework, socialize, develop leadership skills, and take SAT preparation classes and get college counseling.   Read more

Meet Natalie. She's a 13-year old who frequents UNH member Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation's Beacon teen center, where she does homework, engages and socializes with friends, and attends extracurricular classes, such as dance. She and her peers also use it as an outlet to discuss difficult issues and develop an appreciation for community service.  Read more