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Campaign for Children

This year, C4C played a major role in advocating for Mayor de Blasio’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten plan and continues to fight for salary parity among early childhood educators.

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Campaign for Summer Jobs

In 2014, advocacy by the Campaign for Summer Jobs successfully led to Mayor de Blasio including $17.5 million to create 10,000 more jobs for teens.

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Manhattan serves 2,068,984 meals at senior centers annually. (NYC Office of the Public Advocate)

Advocacy Resources

To maximize our effectiveness, UNH sets priorities for its City and State advocacy work, based on the needs of UNH member agencies and the communities they serve. After the Mayor and Governor release their respective budgets and after adoption, UNH also produces budget summaries that explain how funding changes impact human service programs. UNH's policy priorities and budget summaries for the past fiscal year are listed below.

If you have any questions or need additional information about UNH's Budget Priorities, please contact Gregory Brender.


Advocacy Toolkit Advocacy Toolkit (3077 KB) 08-Dec-2016

Other Advocacy Resources

Voting in New York City: Frequently Asked Questions Voting in New York City: Frequently Asked Questions (158 KB) 15-Sep-2009
This document answers questions about voting rights, eligibility, and logistics and explains how to handle a variety of situations at the polls.

Glossary of Acronyms Glossary of Acronyms (12 KB) 22-Jul-2011
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